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    Marex ECS Aventics


    Excellent design supports operation in all situations. The straightforward, timeless style of the Marex ECS goes well with any ship design. Unmistakable keypad icons ensure intuitive operation. Exclusive chrome surfaces, contrasted with black

    • Exclusive chrome surfaces, contrasting with black
    •  Language-independent icons
    •  Subtle backlight illumination
    •  Dynamic, asymmetric levers

    Complete ECS System, configurated with:

    • Marex ECS twin control head chrome 2°generation
    • Marex ECS control unit 2° generatior
    • Cables for Marex ECS twin
    • Power cable 10m
    • Gear control cable 10m
    • Throttle control cable  10m
    • Station and propulsion bus cable 20m
    • Termnal socket with bushing 
    • Aux control cable (Start Interlock)

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